Conquer your day with the dominating power of Amino Man’s maximum strength Optimum Male Plus. Now made with higher potency vitamins, minerals and herbal blends, Optimum Male Plus is supercharged with a unique advanced formula, so you can take it to the next level!

Superior to any other product on the market, Optimum Male Plus naturally boosts HGH and Testosterone for greater results than you've ever imagined!

Optimum Male Plus features the benefits of hormone-boosting powerhouses such as Tongkat Ali and GlucodOX for full body benefits. Optimum Male Plus provides continuous human growth hormone- and testosterone-boosting benefits in extended release bi-layered tablets for maximum activity and absorption.

Because testosterone and HGH work via different physiological pathways, their combined effects are greater than one would expect from either one alone. Amino Man’s Optimum Male Plus delivers stronger testosterone- and HGH-boosting support than ever before, for total body vitality!

Optimum Male Plus nutritional approach to boost natural HGH and testosterone production delivers powerful nutrients that help:

  • maximise free radical elimination
  • improve overall amino acid nutrition
  • supercharge L-dopa levels
  • neutralise the free fatty acid blockade
  • improve arginine hormone signaling
  • enhance blood sugar control
  • increase insulin-like growth factor 1
  • increase osteoblast and chondrocyte activity
  • enhance muscle gene expression
  • reduce stress and stress related chemicals
  • boost AMPK cellular energy delivery system

    Optimum Male Plus bi-layered tablets uniquely allow a natural boost in both HGH and testosterone together. With HGH-boosting blood-sugar-control nutrients in the immediate release layer, a single Optimum Male Plus before each meal promotes optimal daily HGH production. For maximum testosterone-production activity, a man can take all three Optimum Male Plus tablets before bed, to optimally deliver nutrients during hours of peak hormone production.

    Research on muscle growth suggests that the combined benefit of healthy natural testosterone and human growth hormone is synergistic; improvements are greater than one would see from a sum of the parts. You'll be amazed by just how good you feel with:

    • Improved energy
    • Renewed strength, performance and endurance
    • Healthy brain function (mood, sleep, memory, focus)
    • Benefits for muscle and bone health, sexual and immune function, body composition, healthy hair, skin and nails, and many other aspects of health
    • An overall sense of rejuvenation

    Optimum Male Plusthe ultimate vitality supplement for men

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