Arnold Oborotov - Professional Kickboxer

I am professional kickboxer competing worldwide. I have been working with Matt Lovell for over a year now. In this time he has greatly helped me to gain quality weight as I was struggling to put on mass. Matt has come up with a gradual strategy that lead to a quality muscle weight gain.

Arnold Oborotov, Professional Fighter

As well as helping me with weight gain Matt has introduced me to a number of supplements that has allowed me to perform better in the ring. I would highlight R5 Aminos recovery complex. In general I am training twice a day and R5 aminos help my body to recover after hard training sessions. Another product I cant cope without now is Immune Power. I have a hectic lifestyle an this blend of natural products keeps my immune system strong.

I am always very cautious about taking new supplements. They have to be clean because of the drugs test and with no health side affects. All the products I have been recommended by Matt were made from natural ingredients, extremely healthy, effective and safe to use.

Matt is very professional and knowledgeable nutritionist. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their sport performance or who has any health issues due to their nutrition.