Revive In Five is a highly effective and affordable way to get total body support via 6 key performance supplements.

Each pack contains complete daily supplement support for 5 days.
From multi-vitamin and minerals, high strength omegas, powerful natural nootropics, recovery amino acids and botanicals.


Buy 1 Pack (5 days) = £29.99 (was £59.99) save 50%
Buy 2 Packs (10 days) = £39.99  (was £119.98) save 67%
Buy 3 Packs (15 days) = £49.99 (was £179.99)  save 72%
Buy 4 Packs = £59.99 (20 days) (was £239.96) save 75% (best value!) 

For best results use the Revive in 5 for a 2-3 week cycle.
Ideally 4 weeks for full effect.

Each box comes with full training manual, downloadable workouts
and access to diet planners


Revive In Five: The Perfect Starter Box
Revive In Five: The Perfect Starter Box

Revive In Five: The Perfect Starter Box


Each box contains five servings (1 week) of the following Amino Man products:

- R5 Aminos - An amino formula that enhances recovery whilst you sleep.
 - Focus Sustain - a powerful natural nootropic, cognitive and brain energy intensifier.
 - Metabolic Amino Complex - A non-stimulant pre-training amino acid boosting powered drink
 - Multi Vitamins - one of the best designed multi-vitamins you can buy.
- Fish Oils - 1 tablet delivers 755mg EPA and 255mg DHA.
- Metabolic Optimiser - pure fat burning and anti-inflammatory support

Results depend on a well-constructed training programme and diet alongside supplementation. Supplements shouldn’t be used in place of a good diet. Effects are based on typical client results.


Enhance mental focus with Focus Sustain and Metabolic Amino Complex.
Providing a non-stimulant, brain focusing, intensity-enhancing pre-workout drink.
The powerful mix of amino acids and energy system-supporting cofactors brings energy and intensity to all your sessions.
This is combined with zero added sugars or artificial sweeteners and very low in calories making this a perfect combination for fasted training.

High-dosed multi-nutrient support system. Combined with high levels of omega 3 fats, zinc and magnesium support all ensure the body is not lacking in any vital nutrients.
Metabolism requires zero deficiencies. Amino Man provides the insurance policy you need for maximum nutrient availability

Herbal anti-inflammatory metabolic optimising, blood sugar stabilising nutrients all in one powerful complex.
Sleep support via a special zinc and magnesium blend supported with glutathione (a major system antioxidant) enhancing amino acids.
Optimise sleep, lower inflammation and enjoy enhance energy and recovery with Amino Man the natural recovery support system.

Runners can benefit from the all-round supporting effects of Revive in 5’s all round, all day long, supporting system.
Training is boosted with low calorie amino acids and metabolic co-factors from Metabolic Amino Complex. Fasted runs can feel easier with the use of amino acids.
The brain and neural function can be lifted with non-stimulant natural nootropics – you can have coffee alongside and feel a sustained support for your longer runs.
Focus sustain may help support your nervous system during periods of over-reaching or hard training.
Rest and recovery starts with R5’s formula, potentially helping deeper more restful sleep.
Inflammation for joints has the 2-pronged system high strength Omega 3s and a comprehensive herbal formula cover your requirements here, which can mean faster recovery from exercise and less general aches and pains.
Revive in 5 system gives you the base from which you can further support endurance based training, using ViNitroPlus + Curcumin. You can also use adaptogens for further enhancing your nervous systems recovery. 

Revive in 5 offers a perfect way to support high intensity weight and circuit-based training.
Supporting neural drive can help you lift more intensively and for longer. The non-stimulant base focus sustain means no crashes or energy dips after normal pre-workouts.
The Metabolic Amino Complex kick-starts protein synthesis – which you can take further by keeping your protein intake high through meals and either plant or whey protein later on in the day.
As we know sleep is massively key to recovery. Magnesium rich formulas, and key inhibitory aminos like glycine are shown to help with REM sleep support.
Tired sore muscles benefit from natural anti-inflammatory support – Omega 3 is key here, alongside herbs such as Curcumin and Boswellia. These are in rich supply in the Metabolic Optimiser.

Getting lean can be hard, so getting all the help you can is key.
Revive in 5 helps guard against deficiencies on a calorie deficit diet with the high strength mineral and vitamin formula, alongside Omega 3 – which may assist fat loss as part of a calorie adjusted diet and exercise plan.
Fasted cardio is hard in a deficit. Using aminos can help with the feeling of increased energy but with only 18 calories per serving of MAC (Metabolic Amino Complex) this won’t interfere with the fat burning effects of your morning efforts.
Sometimes sleep can be disrupted on a strict diet, or if you are exercising in the evening – the magnesium rich amino acid formula R5’s can help you relax and unwind, ensuring recovery is adequate during your rest times.

Inflammation plays a potential role in losing fat, omega 3 fats have been associated with better fat loss on a calorie-controlled diet. Anti-inflammatory herbs may well support the actions of omega 3 in this regard.

Revive in 5 has got you covered.

Revive In Five: The Perfect Starter Box
Revive In Five: The Perfect Starter Box

Revive In Five: The Perfect Starter Box


Revive In Five is a highly effective and affordable way to trial the power of Amino Man.

Each box contains five servings (1 week) of the following Amino Man products.

5 x 20g servings of R5 Aminos - the original recovery blend.
5 x 12g servings of Focus Sustain - the powerful nootropic.
5 x 25g servings of Metabolic Amino Complex - the comprehensive stimulate free pre-workout support
5 x 3 Multi Vitamins - one of the best-designed multi-vitamins you can buy.
5 x 1 Fish Oils - One tablet delivers 755mg EPA and 255mg DHA
5 x 6 tablet servings of Metabolic Optimiser - pure fat-burning and anti-inflammatory support

Each box comes with a free training and nutrition planner.

All products are pharma-grade, guaranteed label clean, manufactured and produced with and in informed sports facilities

The more you buy, the more you save: 

Buy 1 Pack (5 days) = £59.99
Buy 2 Packs (10 days) = £69.99 (was £119.98)
Buy 3 Packs (15 days) = £79.99 (was £179.99) 
Buy 4 Packs = £89.99 (20 days) (was £239.96 - best value!)

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