Focus Sustain Formula (Tub)

This new Focus Formula is an intense nootropic support in a powder delivering powerful mental and cognitive support on the go. Our most popular brain and central nervous system supporting powder. Also available in sachets 

  • Caffeine and stimulant free energy
  • Supports fatigue and CNS recovery
  • Adrenal restorative
  • Brain boosting
  • Memory support
  • Excellent for revision, studying and exams

Customer Reviews

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andy wales
Focus Sustain

The product is excellent and delivers. Disappointed that there was no scoop so had to work out serving with teaspoons. Other than that it is something I will use again👍

“We’ve stopped using scoops due to plastic reduction being part of our foundational principles.

We do sell metal scoopers (which are really nice).

Then you only need 1 set for all product use for life!

Would you like a set?”

Charlotte Wiseman
What a game changer of a product?

I cannot believe the impact this has had on my mood and focus. The taste is also great, which really surprised me. Thank you Amino Man and I look forward to trying more in your collection.

Luke Quinn

Focus Formula (Tub)


This formula is a must for my heavy lifting and weights sessions in the gym. It really helps me to quiet the overthinking that my compulsive behaviours and perfectionism bring so that I can focus on the job in hand and in doing so gets me out the other side feeling far less frazzled and stressed. An absolute gamechanger.

Ben k
Mental clarity

Focus formula gives me lots of mental awareness and motivation. It's also a MAJOR help for my memory. I like to use it for studying, for charging my brain for a great workout, or before going about my daily routine

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