• Focus Formula (Sachets)
  • Focus Formula (Sachets)
  • Focus Formula (Sachets)

Focus Formula (Sachets)

This new Focus Formula is an intense nootropic support in a sachet delivering powerful mental and cognitive support on the go. Our most popular brain and central nervous system supporting powder. Also available in tubs.
  • Caffeine and stimulant free energy
  • Supports fatigue and CNS recovery
  • Adrenal restorative
  • Brain boosting
  • Memory support
  • Excellent for revision, studying and exams

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jamie Stephen
Focus Formula

This really works for me and I recommend it

Becky M
My secret weapon!

I use Focus Formula at the start of the more challenging days. Seems to, yes give me more focus and consistent energy endurance with work, play and training but also interestingly enhanced compassion and patience.

Anyone I've given a sample to has been very impressed with the results too.

It's kind of like my secret weapon!

I fast most mornings and found the Focus Formula sees me through until brunch well.

Bryn Williams
Noticed a difference

I was dubious at first but after an intensive course at work, I definitely noticed the difference in my mental focus which helped me no end. Thank you

Nicholas P.
You can feel it

Ever had a tough day, feeling stressed already in the early morning? I’ve recently got a new role which has me dealing with problems as soon as I wake. I can feel the solutions slowing down, I have this as part of my morning routine and can feel the clarity come back.

Christopher V.
Excellent - 4.5

Fantastic nootropic product that has, in the short time I have used it, has shown tremendous benefits. I can’t say it has improved my memory overall as it’s a bit too early to tell however in terms of clarity in thought (getting rid of that brain fog), help invigorate my motivation to learn, combating fatigue and improvements in overall cognition my opinion is that this is the best you can get. What I can say with memory is that I have noticed minor improvements in short term recall. Again, this takes time. I have tried other Nootropics, but they don’t compare with the quality and sustained ‘hit’ you get. Whenever I’ve got a bunch of articles or books to study I make sure to have this.

What I would say is that this is a support system, and a great one at that. When trying to alter mental states and widen your perspective you need to do the homework, this will accelerate your learning and growth but won’t do it for you.

Criticism - quantity/cost, it’s 4.5 purely as I would rather see this in a good sized tub for the same cost in the same manner as you do for the Immune Power and Adaptacat Powder. Those are lasting me a long time. I’m finding I’m holding back on my use of Focus because of this. If this would change it’d be brilliant, even if it were to hit the £50 mark for a larger quantity it would be worth it.

That’s the only thing, apart from that, a must for avid learners and achievers.

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