• L'Amino: Iced Tea Amino Drink
  • L'Amino: Iced Tea Amino Drink

L'Amino: Iced Tea Amino Drink

Now in 250ml and 500ml cans.

L'Amino is a blend of vitamins, minerals, aminos and botanical herbs. A lightly sparkling, refreshing and energy-supporting iced tea flavoured drink. 

  • An excellent source of magnesium for recovery.
  • A unique blend of active ingredients for relaxed focus and serotonin production.
  • A refreshing way to hydrate
  • The perfect alcohol-free relaxing beverage served over ice. 

  • L'Amino contains electrolytes and plant-based extracts alongside key aminos.

    It includes a full spectrum of b-vitamins and a generous dose of magnesium.

    Green tea and Panax Ginseng round off a powerful blend of natural nootropics. 

    • No artificial flavourings
    • No artificial colourings
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • Contains a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea: 15mg of caffeine (a single espresso has 60-100mg)
    • Not recommended for children, pregnant women or breastfeeding women. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    John Dunford
    Love it

    Really refreshing and a great alternative to the evening pre dinner gin and tonic

    simon james raby
    Grown up stuff.

    An interesting 'soft' drink. Packed with good stuff for performance and recovery, this is a unique product as it is very much a grown-up palate - not quite iced tea but close. After a few cans it was closest to an AF beer I think. Great stuff Matt.

    sara reeve-tucker

    Thought it was absolutely delicious

    As good as a cold beer but healthier straight off the bike

    Having received 4 cans of L'Amino Iced tea to coincide with the mercury heading north (A great thing) I was keen to try another great product from Matt and these do not disappoint.

    Thing to note: Do give it a gentle rotation before cracking open it's a game changer!

    Not to sweet, but just enough, not too strong, but just enough and certainly hits the thirst quenching sensation and gentle tap round the chops after a long sweaty ride/run. I'll certainly be ordering some more and stashing them in the fridge as whilst that popular lemon flavoured sparkling water is good this is certainly better.

    David MORRIS
    Super delicious + excellent benefits + great for sleep

    This drink has fantastic ingredients, makes a change to get a proper size drink since it's a whopping 500ml so tremendous value! Great for after exercise of before bedtime to improve sleep with the nice amount of magnesium. Super delicious and really refreshing plus I usually avoid any bubbles in drinks but this being slightly sparkling hits the mark. Matt Lovell certainly knows his stuff another outstanding product.

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