About Amino Man

The driving force behind the Amino Man range is Matt Lovell, specialist performance nutritionist with 18 years practical experience in elite sports, working directly with international teams (England Rugby and Football, Manchester City, Tottenham, Aston Villa) and many individual athletes (Jonny Wilkinson, James Haskell, Jermain Defoe, Jodie Taylor, Will Sharman, Vic Wild to name a few).
Matt Lovell Amino Man
The blends of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that have successfully supported elite athletes, stretching their potential to the limit, have now been adapted and made available to help working men, women and sports people boost their energy levels and performance every day with the Strength for Life and One Life products. Next level nutrition and supplementation.
Researched based combinations of ingredients which have been tried and tested across all walks of life and all kinds of athletic endeavours and thousands of workouts.

Amino Man formulas are amongst the highest-grade supplements on the market; completely natural, field tested, performance and evidence based.
Manufactured to pharma-grade standards, organic wherever possible and drug screened, to supplement the lifestyle you’ve chosen.
Matt has a trusted and proven track record in helping people and teams achieve their results. You can email him at matt@aminoman.com