• Matt Lovell: One on One Skype Consultation Packages

    I can set up a detailed plan for anyone who wants to maximise the time they are now spending at home – getting in the BEST shape you can.

    To help with this I’m discounting my package to 30% of the normal value, making them reachable for many people.

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  • Stuff to give up for lent for your health and well being

    It’s good to have a focus around changing the way you eat. For many people the New Year’s resolutions will be fading away now with varying degrees of success or failure. If you didn’t succeed in your endeavour then, lent provides another opportunity to reset your goals. View Post
  • Why Mondays suck and how you can beat the blues

    Monday’s can often be bad for many people. The most amount of heart attacks happen on a Monday morning. 

    Here’s a few things to cheer you up and also have been proven to help with depression and anxiety.

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