• B-Vits, Brain Health and Realistic Goal-Setting

    I wanted to share a few bits and bobs i've picked up and reminded myself about since the new's worth a read to refresh your mind.  View Post
  • Stress, Brain Health, Sleep and Neuroplasticity

    What is stress? Stress comes from stressors. It’s impossible to know what stress comprises of without talking about the stress response which we’ll discuss in detail in this blog. View Post
  • The Power of Adaptogens: Why you should be taking them today

    To become resilient, we need to adapt to stress. I’ve mentioned this before.

    The quicker and better able we are to adapt the better our general stress resistance or resilience will be.

    When our adaptive capacity is overwhelmed, we will need time to recover, replenish and rebuild. Prolonged stressors can result in chronic stress which can in turn cause breakdown and overtraining syndrome. 

    This is where adaptogens come into the picture.

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