• Amino Man - Not Just For Men!

    A question I get asked a lot is “Is Amino Man just for men?!”

    The answer is a simple no! Amino Man is for everyone and I have many very happy and successful clients who have used my range of vitamins and supplements over the years.

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  • Injury and Blood Protocols - Blog 4

    You can see here from a purposefully anomonised sheet that players are typically insufficient in a number of areas.

    Red blood cell has a 120 day life cycle. So, testing this gives a window of nourishment assessment which is 2-3 months in duration.

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  • 20 Years in Elite Sports - Blog 3

    SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE MODELLING Remembering, happy, healthy and horny athletes tend to perform better. Why? Cause this relies on optimal levels of neurotransmitters, steroid hormones, lack of chronic levels of stress hormones, good recovery and good sleeping patterns. Waking up with wood is a good... View Post