• Why Mondays suck and how you can beat the blues

    Monday’s can often be bad for many people. The most amount of heart attacks happen on a Monday morning. 

    Here’s a few things to cheer you up and also have been proven to help with depression and anxiety.

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  • 7 BIG reasons to consume fish oil (and eat more fish)

    Fish oils really are one of the most important daily supplements you can take. Generally, these help with everything from thinking clearly to improved mood state and i've listed my 7 BIG reasons to consume fish oil in this article View Post
  • Amino Man DNA

    I was born to help people.

    It could have been my parenting. Dad retrained as an acupuncturist when he was 30 and he and Mum ran their own health food outlet way ahead of their time. As a youngster, crunching up Chinese herbs and chewing on adaptogens was routine.

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