• Feel 25% Younger Than You Really Are

    Birthdays are a time to reflect. You can count the years you’ve been on the planet and think about the good times along with the more challenging times. Whilst looking forwards to increasing fun and adventure. View Post
  • Hay Fever, Allergies and Auto Immune conditions are all linked...

    Hay fever and allergies are apparently becoming more common these days. With the hay fever season almost upon us I thought I’d shed some light on some areas which may help these.The supplement offer for 6 keen exercisers is below.Hay fever occurs when the immune system sees pollen as a foreign in... View Post
  • The 'Pump' and stretch - not just for body builders

    The pump wasn't just for golden era bodybuilders.

    Stretch aided hypertrophy and/or the cell volume theory of hypertrophy rely on enough stuff being in the muscle to stretch it, then loading it up with blood, then stretching it under load. View Post