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Xmas Special!

  • The Spices and Tea Bundle

The Spices and Tea Bundle

  • £23.77
  • £30.95
  • - £7.18

This is a great deal on all four of our organic spices (Chilli, Curry, BBQ and Sumac) plus a tin of organic Matcha Tea powder.

If bought individually, this would cost you £30.95. But buy them all together for over 30% off until the end of 2020 for just £23.77!

About The Spices

These are the very same ones I use in my own cooking and cooking with my clients and each mix has been chosen to enhance the flavour and depth of your cooking.

Spices are an amazing health-giving and delicious way to live your life.  So, go ahead spice up your life with Aminoman’s ORGANIC spice range.

The spices come in a 100g tub.

No added salt*. BBQ has 100mg per serving (less than 1g per sachet)

About The Tea 

Amino Man's fully organic Matcha Tea is the highest quality green tea you can buy.

The antioxidant content from this tea is up to 128 times stronger than standard green tea.  One tin will give you 80-100 servings. 

The benefits of Matcha Tea are well documented and include:

  • Antioxidants help stabilise harmful free radicals, which are compounds that can damage cells and cause chronic disease.
  • Helps protect your liver and enables it to flush out toxins
  • Boosts brain function which can result in faster reaction times, increased attention and enhanced memory. 
  • Helps with weight loss by speeding up metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boosts the fat-burning process.  It can also limit your appetite naturally. 


  • "Have felt a genuine and significant benefit in both recovery and sleep following hard training."
    - Verified Customer
  • "Great value - essential autumn or winter/spring supplement."
    - Vitamin D3
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    - Verified Customer
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    - R5 Aminos
  • "Great 5 day option to try the different products and decide on purchasing all of them."
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