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Lockdown 2.0 Special

  • The Apocalypse Bundle - November 2020

The Apocalypse Bundle - November 2020

  • £113.97
  • £153.96

Matt has put this bundle together to get you through the tough times. The Fish Oils are free saving you £39.99 if you bought them separately. 

  • Advanced Whey Protein (specific Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla in your order notes) (2.7KG - massive!) 
  • Multi-Nutrient Vitamin Complex
  • Omega 1400 Fish Oils
  • Optimum D3 and K2 Vitamin Blend

Amino Man is always here to help you.


  • "Have felt a genuine and significant benefit in both recovery and sleep following hard training."
    - Verified Customer
  • "Great value - essential autumn or winter/spring supplement."
    - Vitamin D3
  • "Matt, through his professionalism, knowledge, desire to research and ultimately through his friendship, helped me find another level in how I perform in all areas of life"
    - Jonny Wilkinson, England Rugby International
  • "Service is always fast and efficient and any questions are answered quickly."
    - Verified Customer
  • "I've trained hard my whole life and tried just about every supplement you can think of. Aminoman is amongst the most effective support I have tried. It helps me recover and focus when i need it most"
    - James Haskell, England Rugby International
  • "I have been working closely with Matt for a year now. He has streamlined my martial arts, resistance training, callisthenics, nutrition and supplements to create optimum performance and wellbeing"
    - Ed Skrein - Hollywood Actor
  • "As a professional kickboxer competing worldwide I train twice a day and R5 aminos help my body to recover after hard training sessions."
    - Arnold Oborotov, Professional Fighter
  • "The improvements and difference Aminoman Nutrition has made to both my training, recovery and sleep has been amazing. I love the R5 Aminos for my recovery and especially my sleep."
    - Alex Kane
  • "At 44 I thought my best years were behind me which is soooo not true based on recent performances. I competed this year in my first CrossFit Open, and I’m back in my boat racing, something I couldn’t have contemplated last year. The R5s help me to recover and I love the fact that they are super high quality and that there are no nasties in there.Thank you so much Matt!"
    - Rachel Armstrong - Personal Trainer
  • "Matt l is a trusted guy so once i'd read the info buying my first pot was a no-brainer."
    - R5 Aminos
  • "Great 5 day option to try the different products and decide on purchasing all of them."
    - Revive in 5
  • Doms is reduced and sleep quality is way better than before i started taking this.
    - R5 Aminos