R5 Aminos | Recovery and Sleep Supplement

R5 Aminos from Amino Man has been the go to supplement for fast recovery and restful sleep for many years. 

A mix of calming aminos designed to help with sleep making processes in the brain.

A complex mix of zinc and magnesium alongside antioxidant enzyme supporting minerals and good doses of b-vitamins, including B6, methyl folate and B12.

Users continually report faster recovery, decreased soreness and a deeper more restful sleep.

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Customer Reviews

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K Shirazi
R5 Aminos

Great product for recovery for high performance training

Rest and Repair with R5’s!

Big fan of the R5’s - an absolute essential in my nutrition locker for optimal recovery especially during regular heavy training sessions. Takes the edge of the day, helps promote sleep and recovery function as well as minimising DOMS the following day! Highly recommended for anyone serious about their training and recovery.

Jonathon Shotton
Aminos and HRV

A huge fan of the aminos. Taking R5 aminos has had a positve impact on increasing my HRV. As well as helping sleep quality etc. A great product.

David Gibbons
R5 Aminos

Fantastic product for post training and recovery in the evening / will be purchasing again shortly!

Becky M
Very worth the money!

This gives me that extra bit to get me through the last part of the tougher workouts. The bluberry R5 is delicious, very welcome towards the end of a session and it makes me smile to drink it.

It seems to help me feel ready for bed earlier than I would of been considering the post-training buzz! I sleep very well on the evenings I drink it and am notably better recovered the next day than when I didn't take it.

I tried it on my friend over a number of weeks. He also found similar results intra and post weightlifting or football sessions. He now uses it regularly.

Very much worth the money. I have subscribed for regular deliveries.

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