• Organic Vegan Plant Protein from Amino Man


Amino Man’s fully organic, vegan plant-based protein powder selects the very highest quality plant proteins to bring you a complete and fully balanced amino acid profile.

At 21g of protein per serving, and with less than 3g of carbs, Amino Man’s organic protein powder is a great tasting solution that can provide added benefits including a higher protein intake as well as much faster recovery from training.

The main benefits of this protein are the intrinsic quality and purity of the product, the great taste and also the easy mixing into a really smooth protein shake. There's tons of servings per bag too, 33-35 servings.

Honestly it's a bad idea to purchase non-organic plant based protein powders as you simply can't guarantee they are free from pesticides, herbicides and other nasties.  We guarantee our protein has NOTHING ARTIFICIAL at all, anywhere.

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