• Alpha Greens Superfood Powder

Alpha Greens Superfood Powder

Alpha Greens from Amino Man is a very special organic greens powder that helps you to reach your 12 vegetables a day recommended target.

Mortality rates decrease with vegetable consumption over 7 servings so this is a case where more is better.

Taken from the most nutrient dense parts of the plant and freeze dried to help preserve active components, Alpha Greens makes a perfect addition to smoothies or protein shakes.

There are plenty of basic super greens on the market today but here's what makes Amino Man different. 

  • The Alpha Greens base is built around peppermint which has been shown to help with memory and alertness. In addition, the kale and spirulina back up this super alkalising and energising mix. 
  • Gymnema the ‘sugar destroyer’ is included to help support healthy blood glucose response and blood glucose regulating processes.
  • Schizandra aids liver and lung health in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Dandelion assists liver support.
  • NAC is the building block for glutathione - major cellular antioxidant.
  • MSM aids detoxification and gut health.
  • Konjac is proven to assist weight loss and adds soluble fibre for gut health.
  • Inulin also assists weight loss and gut bacteria are powerful pre-biotics.
  • Finally theanine supports alpha waves and stress response.

Simply click below and order a 360gram tub (18 servings) today.


Peppermint, Kale, Spirulina, Kelp, Gymnema, Schizandra Berry, Dandelion, Lemon Powder, Aminoman Pharma Blend, Glucomannan (konjac), MSM, N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Theanine, Inulin, Citric Acid


Customer Reviews

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Andrew Beattie
Alpha Greens

A fantastic product that has noticeably improved my gut health and increased my energy levels

Tim S
Quality way to consume extra veg - great product!

Tastes great, and a good way to increase vegetable intake whilst masking the flavour of less tasty supplements. Good quality ingredients, I feel great after consuming.

Simon Tucker
Alpha Greens

Amazing product. Brilliant shortcut to getting greens into the system and tastes great in a smoothie. For a working parent who struggles to keep a routine it’s a great nutrition hack.

Insurance Policy that tastes great!

I add Alpha Greens to my morning smoothies and take with my afternoon snack when my schedule is packed. Getting in my greens is an important part of my weekly routine so finding a greens that was 1. packed with all the right ingredients for my goals and 2. didn't taste like soil was a game changer for me. Keep up the great work the Aminoman team!

Superfood - Super good

I use Alpha greens in a post training shake with some chocolate whey protein powder. I feel I recover a lot quicker and I feel a lot healthier. Mixing with the chocolate whey gives delicious mint and chocolate flavour. Would highly recommend.

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