B-Vits, Brain Health and Realistic Goal-Setting

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I wanted to share a few bits and bobs i've picked up and reminded myself about since the new year...it's worth a read to refresh your mind. 


Lots of folks get a b-vitamin deficiency. Taking single b-vitamins, might not be the best idea as they work together in synergy. So, if you’ve been taking say B12 for a while, or Biotin for hair then it would be a good idea to switch to a b-vitamin complex or multivitamin with good levels of b-vitamins in there.

B Vitamins and the Brain: Mechanisms, Dose and Efficacy—A Review

Brain Health 

Everyone enjoys more ability to focus and feel zesty and energetic. Looking after brain health, memory and attention is key to these traits. I usually build health up from foundational levels then add icing to the cake.

Foundational brain nutrients include b-vitamins (above) omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D to name a few. Additional nutrients shown to have good efficacy for brain health and healthy aging include:

Bacopa, Gotu Kola, Loin’s Man, curcumin, melatonin (proper deep sleep), Gingko, Ginsengs(s), astaxanthin to name a few.

You can read all about Brain Health and Stress Here.

Perpetual Motion Machines

Part of my job is to get people moving more. The key element of exercise is the benefit you get for your well-being. The feel-good factor of moving and getting sweaty is a given. If you don’t move enough or exercise you won’t feel as well as you could do.

Sitting is the new smoking. We can be active, but sedentary. Sitting, commuting, then hitting the gym for an hour. This is only ok if you can get to 10k steps + an hour of exercise, this can offset the negative effects of sitting for 7-8 hours.

What’s far better is to do something pretty hard for 30-45 minutes (outside of your warm-up) think of running from the police for a murder you didn’t commit. Then move every 20 minutes. When I say move, I mean minimum 500 steps or a few press-ups, ab routine, burpees, chins, grip training (see below) resistance bands, ab roller, and juggling, TRX (leave a note on the door not to open it).

You can pick a day for an exercise if you wish, so Monday could be press ups every 20 minutes, Tuesday squats etc etc.

Will Power Can Be Trained:

Grip training twice a day for 2 weeks increases motivation and willpower in all areas of your life.

Can We Build Willpower like a Muscle?

Yep, train your grip and you’ll have a better ability to resist temptation. Oh, and you’ll likely perform better in endurance too.

This might be why folks who lift tend to have a bit more grittiness in other areas of life.

Away From vs Towards Goal Setting:

Away from or towards goals? You probably need a bit of both. Remembering the essential element of all of this is to set up and enjoy the processes.

This is quite a simple concept and has a little bit of crossover with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Let’s take an example:

I don’t want to look fat in clothes anymore = (Away From).

I want to look like a Greek God =  (Towards).

These are current, up-to-date methods of motivation and goal setting. Away from and externally motivational goals tend to be to avoid a pain point. The main drawback is they fade once you are a little further away from them, but maybe not that close to your 'towards' goals.

This can lead to “the drift” or “the creep” you slowly return to the place you were in the first place. 

The problem with Towards goals is you may never achieve them (if they are unrealistic) also once you arrive, what do you do then? So the best method is to set up the processes and learn to enjoy them.

If you want to lose a bit of fat, then do some time-restricted feeding and HIIT. Of course, you also need to obey the governor (energy balance).

Life is all about processes, less about attaining.

One of my key pieces of advice is not to throw the baby out with the bath water. You will always slip up at some point, we’re human after all. You are only one workout, good sleep or meal from getting this all back on track. Set realistic targets and train your bouncebackability.

The towards/away-from filter determines what needs to be in place for us to be motivated. 


Keeping Your 2023 Goals on Track

Well we're trucking on and making steady progress, hopefully.
About now and towards the end of this week is where folks can get goal fade.
A really good time to revisit your goals + reasons to do this is = EVERYDAY!

Every day is game day and every day is day 1. Let's GO = TODAY.

As discussed, you've got to stay fresh and enjoy the process you've set up. Using your willpower to install habits that run on autopilot. 

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If you've not been curious and had a dig around the topics sections please do so there's a wealth of information in there for you.

Drifting? Reset, reboot and crack on. You are only ever one meal or one workout from getting back on track.