• Brain health: Stay happy and stay younger for longer.

    So coming out of lockdown I can see a lot of folk — especially the older ones — have taken a massive hit health-wise. A lack of movement and stimulus really can accelerate ageing. Here are some tips and tricks to get the old grey matter back on track. View Post
  • Exercise Advice on Lockdown

    Being inside clearly limits the number of steps you can achieve in a day

    Closure of gyms means home exercise is a must

    We can change this situation into one where we come out fitter, leaner and stronger after the lock down

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  • Stuff to give up for lent for your health and well being

    It’s good to have a focus around changing the way you eat. For many people the New Year’s resolutions will be fading away now with varying degrees of success or failure. If you didn’t succeed in your endeavour then, lent provides another opportunity to reset your goals. View Post