• How To Measure Your Fitness (And Why It's Important)

    There’s an old saying what you cannot measure you cannot improve. You must know yourself before you can choose the goals you want to achieve as otherwise how will you know which areas you need to work on?

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  • Become a detox master BEFORE the new year!

    Well, Christmas is rapidly approaching - I like to get mini calorie-burning mission in the bank and a detox mission planned before the New Year.

    Supporting detoxification is vital for health and well-being in so many ways. Here are some thoughts on detoxification pathways and fast-track ways to enhance detox.

    Some of these might also help you feel better after a night out so you can practise them before and after your Christmas parties! View Post
  • Maintaining High Quality Behaviours

    As we come out of lockdown, keeping and reaffirming high-quality behaviours will be key in this new era, as key as it's ever been in the past. A few thoughts and some nice little coaching points and gems in here.  View Post