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  • B-Vits, Brain Health and Realistic Goal-Setting

    I wanted to share a few bits and bobs i've picked up and reminded myself about since the new's worth a read to refresh your mind.  View Post
  • Anti-nutrients, hunger and fullness scales

    The information below is simple to understand it's a wonder not more people follow it. Three key messages - eat real food, when you are hungry and don't eat too much.Below is an excerpt from my new book Strength For Life - it's out this winter. You'll know one of my missions is to help the natio... View Post
  • Stuff to give up for lent for your health and well being

    It’s good to have a focus around changing the way you eat. For many people the New Year’s resolutions will be fading away now with varying degrees of success or failure. If you didn’t succeed in your endeavour then, lent provides another opportunity to reset your goals. View Post