Ed Skrein - Actor


I have been closely working with Matt Lovell for three years now. He has streamlined my martial arts, resistance training, callisthenics, nutrition and supplements to create optimum performance and wellbeing.


His informative and personal style suits my needs and he has been able to tailor my training and nutritional plans, changing muscle mass and body fat specifically for the physical demands or aesthetic needs of each movie or roll I play.

Ed Skrein

Since doing my blood tests and adapting my diet I have felt better in my everyday life, my skin has improved and my training has benefitted significantly. It can be intimidating when browsing new supplements as it is difficult to know what one personally needs for their lifestyle and training, which is why having matts knowledge and amino man products have made life so much simpler and clearer.

Ed Skeirn Matt Lovell Amino Man

I use the omega 1250 fish oils, r5 amino acids, adaptacat, organic matcha tea, amino powder, super greens, immune power and focus formula and it is so reassuring to know I have founds products that work so well for me.