• Adaptacat Adaptogenic Herbs Powder

Adaptacat Adaptogenic Herbs Powder

Adaptacat from Amino Man is a complex blend of adaptogenic herbs, designed for reducing stress, improving health and boosting energy levels. 

There are only five natural ingredients in this product, and each one delivers a number of powerful benefits:

Rhodiola Rosea (500mg) - reduces stress, fights fatigue, lowers symptoms of depression, boosts the brain function and improves physical performance.

Schizandra Berry (500mg) -  increases resistance to disease, decreases stress, improves physical performance.

Astragalus Root (500mg)boosts the immune system, contains anti-aging properties and has anti-inflammatory effects

Siberian Ginseng (500mg) - increases energy levels, reduces stress

Gotu Kola (500mg) - boosts cognitive function, reduces stress and anxiety

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Note: This product claims to have no medical properties. Store in a dry, cool, place.

240g Container

96 x 2.5g Servings

Nutritional Information Per 2.5g
Rhodiola Rosea 500mg
Schizandra Berry 500mg
Astragalus Root 500mg
Siberian Ginseng 500mg
Gotu Kola 500mg

Customer Reviews

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Helping already

A great product that is already having an impact. I feel a mood boost, energy boost and a focus boost too. I haven’t felt this calm and energetic ever! Thanks Matt for a game changing product

Excellent product.

Had been suffering with real fatigue and since taking Adaptogenic Herb Powder for a couple of weeks now and can definitely feel an increase in my energy levels. Recommended.


A complete gamechanger of a product. I didn't expect it to work on my energy levels like it did and for that reason I would recommend sticking with the 2.5g dose for a few days to gauge how you react yourself. Well worth the investment and definitely now a mainstay supplement.

Material difference!

Invested in Adapocats for its benefits in fatigues, stress and anxiety. Along side other basic practises, I’m glad to report material benefits from the Adaptogens complex simply adding half a teaspoon to my morning smoothie.

Highly recommended.

sam markham
Sam from Common Purpose Personal Training

I had been feeling very run down from working long hours in the gym, training hard on a personal level, not getting enough sleep and not getting enough sunlight either ... I wasn't prepared to change my lifestyle but luckily these adaptogens really sorted me out. I felt an instantaneous difference within 2 or 3 days with more energy and improved mental outlook too. Well worth the investment!

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