Amber Aminos Adaptogen Hot Chocolate

Amber Aminos Adaptogen Hot Chocolate is a high dosed B-vitamin and adaptogen blend aimed at providing energy and balance while reducing stress and anxiety.  Great as a sleep aid too! 

Delicious when added to smoothies and shakes or taken as a calming hot chocolate. 

Packed with adaptogenic herbs including Siberian Ginseng, Maca and Ashwaganda - all powerful herbs with great stress moderating qualities.

Flavanoid rich cacoa and cocoa extract are combined with completely natural flavours - nothing artificial whatsoever.

The addition of 5HTP helps with serotonin production.

Glycine and baobab support, iron levels along with a Pre-biotic inulin and probiotic rich powder.

Suitable for men and women.

  • Body, mind and spirit balancing formula
  • Helps adaptation and stress
  • Hormonal support
  • Aphrodisiac qualities
  • High flavonoid
  • Serotonin, relaxation and sleep aid

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Hot Chocolate

I am a regular purchaser of this outstanding product. Not only is it delicious is has amazing benefits to not only recovery but sleep. Super magnesium!

Brilliant product

My physio (Nell Mead) gave me this excellent recommendation - I have the R5 aminos (blueberry) and the hot chocolate and both are delicious, I love having healthy options and will certainly reorder.

neil macleod

Amber Aminos Adaptogen Hot Chocolate

Caroline Limbert
Delicious and really helps me to sleep

I had been looking for a sugar free alternative to a hot chocolate drink for while, as I find it helps me sleep, but want to avoid processed sugar. This product is perfect and I have had the best and deepest sleeps after drinking it.

Donald Gordon

Really made a noticeable difference to my mood and sleep surprisingly tasty too - I'm recommending it for a number of my clients now. Thanks for a great product formula Matt

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