• 20 Years in Elite Sports - Blog 1

    Matt Lovell Nutrition Practitioner and Coach Not all of you will know what I’ve been up to my whole career, I’ve been working in elite sports for 20+ years. The next 2-3 posts will be about that, with a focus on what I learnt so I can pass the benefits over to you guys. Today I’m going to talk ab... View Post
  • Nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour for a good night’s sleep

    You’re probably aware that adequate sleep is essential to maintaining good cognitive function and concentration. How many times have you read and re-read the same paragraph at work after a poor night’s sleep?   View Post
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a vegetarian/vegan diet

    I encounter a lot of vegan and vegetarian athletes and individuals and always have done. 

    A primary concern for vegetarians and vegans is getting enough protein. Getting the right balance of essential amino acids is also an issue, as many plant proteins are ‘incomplete’ in terms of their amino acid profile.

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