• Working with active females - a new series

    Welcome to a series of blogs centred around working with active females. This should be useful if you are female and active, an athlete or someone who takes their training very seriously – or a coach working with a cross section or exclusively female teams or athletes.

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  • Pushing yourself, planning your day and training your brain

    Don’t pander to the modern shortened attention spans by shortening them further for people – push people to learn more, concentrate harder and involve themselves in activities which stretch their capacity. View Post
  • Enhancing running performance through the use of supplementation

    When making athletes, fitter, faster and stronger there is always a level to go to after you’ve covered the basics properly. Basics include but are not limited to; fitness, optimal body composition, quality diet and nourishment, energy availability and hydration. This blog is not about these essentials, it’s about digging a bit deeper and supporting your nervous system and using other ergogenics (natural performance enhancers). View Post