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Organic Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder 1kg

Amino Man’s fully organic, vegan plant-based protein powder selects the very highest quality plant proteins to bring you a complete and fully balanced amino acid profile.

At 21g of protein per serving, and with less than 3g of carbs, Amino Man’s organic protein powder is a great tasting solution that can provide added benefits including a higher protein intake as well as much faster recovery from training.

The main benefits of this protein are the intrinsic quality and purity of the product, the great taste and also the easy mixing into a really smooth protein shake. There's tons of servings per bag too, 33-35 servings.

Honestly it's a bad idea to purchase non-organic plant based protein powders as you simply can't guarantee they are free from pesticides, herbicides and other nasties.  We guarantee our protein has NOTHING ARTIFICIAL at all, anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

This is a good size, easy to mix and flavour is fine. Good addition to my workouts.

Metabolic Amino complex/ vegan protein shake

I’m a PT, and Athletics coach. I spoke to Matt about the demands of my job and being a 42 year old guy with 2 young children who’s noticed his recovery has changed compared to what it was 20 years ago. After nearly 3 weeks of taking the supplements, I have noticed a massive difference in my energy in the mornings and the speed of my recovery. I’ve especially felt less achy in my joints after a gymnastics session. The extra protein has no doubt helped, but I never felt like this when I last had a regular protein shake. I can’t have Whey so shakes have always been a problem. Not anymore. It means I’m now making quicker progress with my training programme with much better sleep. I don’t get enough sleep being a busy parent so this is a huge benefit to me. Especially as I have more energy on a Saturday to spend with the kids.


Taste great and mix well with water

Excellent choice if you are looking for Free From or suffer from IBS

I've been using this product religiously every morning with my porridge for couple of years now. When I started to use this product I suffered serious nutritional deficiency due to doctors not being able to find out what was wrong with me and left me with IBS diagnosis, I could n't digest any protein based food for couple of years and with cross-country training I was left lifeless and had to stop all sports activities, I got dairy/wheat intolerance, and my body doesn't like any additives found in most food. I was very excited to try this rare product. I had to start with low doses but since the start my morning low blood sugar episodes disappeared (oats with water don't give you much nutrition), after about 3 month of the using the vegan protein powder I went to ask doctor to do blood tests to see what else was missing and she left me puzzled as she said she hardly sees good results like that even with healthy people. I realised later only thing changed in my diet with this vegan protein powder so since then I religiously add it to my porridge every morning.
I first enjoyed cocoa flavour the most but now I prefer vanilla.

Plant Based Protein

Fantastic product a must for post training needs.

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