• Enhanced Amino Collagen
  • Enhanced Amino Collagen
  • Enhanced Amino Collagen

Enhanced Amino Collagen

Collagen is the glue that holds the body together. Amino Man’s Enhanced Amino Collagen complex contains 7 grams of pure collagen hydrolysate, combined with amino acids known for their ability to increase protein synthesis and healing. A massive 5 grams of leucine and glutamine support both gut function and muscle protein synthesis.

A further 3 grams of HMB combined with arginine and arginine precursor citrulline supports the muscle regeneration potential.

Cofactor trace minerals copper and manganese are added with vitamin C to help the body lay down new collagen matrix.

Pea protein isolate provides aminos to balance making the protein complex ‘complete’. Used by athletes and individuals seeking enhanced healing and recovery after exercise. 2 servings may be taken in periods of intensive training or recovery from injury.

Directions For Use: Mix 1 scoop (30g) with 200-300ml before and after exercise for the best effect. The maximum dose is 2 scoops per day.

Customer Reviews

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Aidan McC
Great for Ligaments,Joints, Skin, Nails & Hair

I use Collagen before training and feel it seeps into my knees and elbows a I train. It has added benefits for hair, skin and nails. When I take it I need to get my hair cut twice as often and cut my nails even more regularly. It has helped iron out some crows feet also.

It also tastes great and quenches sugar cravings.

Tim S
Enhanced Amino Collagen - another top quality product from Amino Man

5* product, making a noticeable difference to my recovery time after competitions or intense exercise, helping me to feel great and prepare me for the next challenge!

Nick Moffatt
Outstanding product

Outstanding product , will purchase again.

David Thomas
Mixed Supplements

Very good, easy to take, feel the benefits already, already placed another order

Guy Warren
Enhanced Amino Collagen

I really like this product. I take it with metabolic optimiser and I am seeing the results. My doms are almost non existant!

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