• Mega Curcumin with Longvida (Best for Injury Recovery & Inflammation)
  • Mega Curcumin with Longvida (Best for Injury Recovery & Inflammation)

Mega Curcumin with Longvida (Best for Injury Recovery & Inflammation)

Unlock the powerful benefits of curcumin with Amino Man Mega Curcumin with Longvida.

As one of the most studied spices, curcumin is known for its range of benefits, including neuroprotective, joint support, liver protection, and cellular protection.

Our Mega Curcumin delivers 24-hour protection, working to protect and repair your body from the inside out. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties help to modulate inflammation while supporting healthy brain function, organs, and cells.

In addition to its many benefits, Amino Man Mega Curcumin is also 95 times more bioavailable than a 95% pure curcumin extract. This ensures that your body can fully absorb and utilize the beneficial properties of this powerful spice.

While curcumin may cause skin coloration in some individuals and even color sweat, this is harmless and may actually help protect against UV radiation.

Each bottle of Amino Man Mega Curcumin contains 60 x 500mg capsules, providing a convenient and effective way to incorporate this powerful spice into your daily routine.

Try Amino Man Mega Curcumin today and experience the full range of benefits that this powerful spice has to offer!

Customer Reviews

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Jackie Hampton
Curcumin with Longvida

Glad to respond as I am delighted with the results of taking curcumin.
I had a bit of trauma to my knee during a game of golf and X-ray showed osteoarthritis.The physiotherapist gave me an exercise plan but after 7 weeks I was not seeing much progress- still some inflammation and walking was often hard work.I have taken omegas for many years but Matt Lovell suggested curcumin and I can honestly say the knee is much improved so much so that a cautious game of golf is back on the agenda.
Thank you Matt for his helpful advice.
Jackie Hampton

Lesley McIntosh
Fantastic results

Excellent product! Really helping with pain level and restless legs.

sophie suri
A key staple in my daily routine

Excellent product - a key staple in my daily routine!

David Gibbons
Great products and service

The curcumin has been a great addition to the other brilliant supplements from Matt - had a bit of a calf twinge and confident the amino man range was a big factor in recovering so quickly. Thanks as always !

Andy Gombas

Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this and all of the other products in the range

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