R5 Aminos | Recovery and Sleep Supplement x 5 Multi-Pack

This is a very special offer on our best-selling range of R5 Aminos. 

5 tubs for just £159.99. That's a saving of £39.96 on the individual price. 

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What are R5 Aminos?

A mix of calming aminos designed to help with sleep making processes in the brain.

A zinc and magnesium blend is included alongside antioxidant enzyme supporting minerals and good doses of b-vitamins, including B6, methyl folate and B12 round this off nicely.

Users report increased recovery, decreased soreness and deeper more restful sleep.

  • Best seller
  • Increased recovery, sleep and regeneration
  • Tastes delicious
  • May help with cravings and well-being

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simply the best!

Simply the best training recovery and sleep supplement on the market. I would not go anywhere else. Love the original tropical taste too!

Ryan Gray

This is like gold dust, great sleep and recovery. Thanks Matt

Susan L.
I love this particular product.

I love this particular product. I do take focus formula occasionally but for me, the calmness and relaxation r5 provides helps me to be more productive as my mind is more settled and I have a different approach to events and tasks as they are presented throughout the day. I feel unhurried and laid back and able to cope with quite stressful situations.

Matthew B.
R5 for rest and recovery

I always use this at night before bed, especially after training. DOMS is reduced and sleep quality is way better than before I started taking this. Service is always fast and efficient and any questions are answered quickly.

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