• Essentials Vitamins and Supplements Bundle

Essentials Vitamins and Supplements Bundle

This bundle contains: 

  • Multi-vitamin (£44.99)
  • Fish Oils (£39.99)
  • Vitamin D/K2 (£22.50)
  • Vegan Plant Protein (£44.99)
  • Revive in 5 (£59.99)

The Essentials

Everything you need to cover your basic needs and guard against deficiencies. Vitamin D is essential during the winter months and year round if you avoid sunshine. Fish oils assist inflammatory pathways and mood state.

A large 1kg great tasting Vegan Plant Protein for your smoothies and protein shakes

Plus the popular Revive in 5 box containing 5 days of removable handy packs allowing you to sample the Amino Man range. These include the Metabolic Amino Complex; R5 Aminos for pre and intra workout support, recovery and sleep support;  plus the Focus Sustain Formula for optimum brain function.

You also receive 5 packs of Multi Vitamins, Fish Oils and Metabolic Optimiser.

BUNDLE PRICE £152.47 (SAVE £59.99)

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Runners E.
Perfect Bundle

Everything you need to stay healthy, recover fast and train better!

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