• Fat Burning Bundle

Fat Burning Bundle

It’s rare for me to meet someone who doesn’t need to drop a few pounds or more of fat weight. Certain nutrients can help with the energy and motivation to train, as well as releasing fat as a source of fuel:

This bundle contains: 

  • Metabolic Optimiser 
  • Focus Sustain 
  • Metabolic Amino Complex 
  • Amino R5s  (Blueberry)
  • Omega 1400 Fish Oils 

Customer Reviews

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Steve (London)
First time user of amino bundle

I’ve read a lot of Matt’s stuff and used the multi vitamins before. This was a the first time using a bundle and its only been a week but I have noticed an improvement in energy and some weight loss already. Its a good start and I’d recommend to anyone to look at Matt’s publications and products.

Rees Rees
Fat loss bundle

I started taking the Fat Burning Bundle per your email instructions. I just wanted to say that very quickly I felt absolutely fu*#ing awesome in the mornings pre and post workout. It’s like I’m on a legal high. And my mood in general seems more chipper. On the assumption the bundle is legal (:joy:!) it feels like I’m high (on life!). Also, I lost weight and 1.75% body fat in first two weeks. Very impressive!

Thanks so much for such a positive review. Would you mind if we quoted you on a newsletter we're about to send on the Fat Loss bundle. We sill just use your initials so you'll be anonymous. Let me know if that's ok? Thanks, Jamie

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