Palm Sized Plan and Fist Full of Food (Download)

A balanced lifestyle plan devised by top sports nutritionist Matt Lovell.

Here Matt shares his advice for a healthy balanced diet, which includes using palm sizes to control portions and a guide to eating well throughout the week.

Colour coded and clearly explained Matt uses his own expert knowledge to guide readers throughout a clear and simple lifestyle plan and his own tried and tested recipes. With testimonials from Olympic stars, the Palm Sized Plan offers a balanced option for those looking to slim down or tone up.

This download includes:

- Over 80 healthy and balanced recipes
- A weekly food menu and beginning plan detox regime
- How to...hints and tips to make cooking easier

PLUS a free second download of Fist Full of Food - the technical accompanying guide to the Palm Based Plan Cookbook

Well-respected within the industry Matt has taken his unique industry knowledge and is sharing his expertise for a healthy life.

"Finally - A cookbook with nutritious yet delicious recipes" - HT

I am a recipe book fanatic and am always on the hunt for nutritious but great tasting dishes. Finally Matt Lovell has done it - he has carefully considered key nutritional principles such as portion size, protein, carb, fat ratios and variety of vitamins and minerals, and created delicious tasting recipes around them. This is a rare quality of a cookbook as they either have little regard for well balanced healthy eating or the recipes are so plain tasting that few people really enjoy them.

The other great thing is that these recipes are so easy to make that they can quite easily be integrated into every day cooking. I also love the fact that it's colour coded so you can choose dishes for weight lose OR pre and post exercise.

This book is a "must have" for anyone who enjoys delicious tasting food but also wants to eat healthily.

"The Best Nutritionist I have ever come across" - Jay

I have been a keen sports person and keen nutrition learner for many years, however for many years I could never quite get my body composition and diet right for the sport I was performing. I was introduced to Matt Lovell by a friend and visited him last year for some advise. Since taking Matt's advice and reading his book I have achieved a body shape I never thought was possible. Matt is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist who clearly knows what works and what doesn't and his advice worked for me. Thank you Matt!

"Easy to make health food" - Gavin Allinson

The recipes in this book are really easy to make and are very straight forward. No special technical skillsare required, the results are delicious.

The first recipe I made is the bolognaise with leek linguine. I've been making bolognaise for over 30 years and have tried various recipes, Heston's in his Family cook book and Delias version among others and this was the best. Not sure why? It might have been the passata or paprika or chicken livers.

The leek linguine was delicious too, I've used courgettes in the past to make a low carb substitute for pasta but not tried the leeks before, they were a revelation.

have fun and get and stay healthy cooking these recipes.

"A brilliant book - well worth the investment!" - Ben Dills

I have just received my copy of the Palm Sized Plan and have to say that it is fantastic. Well laid out, full of great recipes and a helpful insight into portion control and eating for performance. I highly recommend it.


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Jamie V.
A great recipe book

Matt has compiled an extensive list of nutritious meals that are super easy to prepare.

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