• Metabolic Optimiser x 5 Multi-Pack

Metabolic Optimiser x 5 Multi-Pack

Massive savings when you buy METABOLIC OPTIMISER in a bundle of 5 tubs. 

Metabolic Optimiser is a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs, ginger along with milk thistle.

A BIG flavonoid formula (quercetin, green tea extract, boswellia, curcumin, milk thistle, antioxidant mixed supporting nutrients) rounds off this gram based anti-inflammatory, metabolic enhancer.

Individually the ingredients have been shown to support endurance based activities, enhanced fat burning, lowering inflammation and pain, protecting cells, organs and brain against damage, along with direct cleansing support from milk thistle.

• Fat burning and endurance building
• Inflammation Modulating
• Cell protecting
• Cleansing and detox support
• Joint movement and pain support
• Cardiovascular support

Curcumin may colour the skin in certain individuals and may colour sweat this is harmless and actually maybe protective against UV radiation.

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Great product and amazing value!

Amino Man’s Metabolic Optimisers are a fantastic product, helping me to train at my best, maintaining energy throughout the day and minimising injury and inflammation. The bundled multi-pack also represents excellent value for money!

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