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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know back in 2003 I started an online system Called 4-Week Fat Loss.

Back in 2003 was talking to my old business partner Gavin about getting in shape for a holiday, following an old system I developed probably 20 years before that I called the Hollywood diet. He said, how long have you got until holiday, I said 4 weeks. He said you should call it 4-week fat loss then….

Well, it’s back under a new guise. Hosted in my Strength for Life group.  

Of course, it takes more than 4 weeks to get in shape, but the point is you can learn a massive amount in that time plus make some awesome progress. Your body will be harder, your mind likely sharper and we can work on fixing sleep, fatigue, inflammation… etc.

In fact, one of my 1st questions for you is “what is the single biggest limiting factor health-wise which is preventing you from being a more optimum version of yourself”.

What’s the 1 thing you are doing which is holding you back?

What’s the 1 thing you are not doing which is holding you back?

Previously, the 100 Days To A Hard(er) Gody group worked well, really well. I’m not taking the same principles and putting them into a bite-sized 4-week cycle…

The programme is run inside my Strength for Life app  

Introduce yourself, download all the guides (which are awesome) then start planning, learning and growing into a better version of yourself.

The phrase ‘hard body’ was epitomised in the classic novel American Psycho. You can picture what it means. A Body that is hard to touch, not too many wobbly bits – no muffin top or cellulite.

4 weeks is enough time to lose some significant fat. In fact, many members lose an average of 1% fat per week, sometimes more. To get ripped or a truly hard body you are probably going to need longer – no problem, just stay in the group for a new cycle.


Start with a 4-week cycle. You can build these into more cycles if you need to… plan Is to drop 4-5% body fat in the 1st cycle….

3 x 4-week cycles is enough time for most people to achieve this ‘look’ if you have more fat to lose then you just repeat the other few cycles. Stay in as long as you need to basically. But work really hard in the 1st 4 weeks. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve.


Getting to a harder body is obviously about losing fat but it’s also very important to build up some significant muscle during the process. Strength for Life ™ is an Amino Man motto and trademark. There’s a good reason for this which I’ve spoken about at length in my exercise blog you can read that here. I’ll need you to be doing something pretty hard most days.

Sweating like you are running from the police on a false murder charge kind of idea…

In terms of "Ok Matt, I’m in what’s the quickest way to start?"

Even though we’re starting on the 1st of May the first week is free so you can jump in and take a look around today. Like right now… jump in. Oh and right now it’s 75% off the usual monthly cost. The usual cost £79.99 per month and it’s currently £19.99 per month!

Then you’ll need to think about the training side of things. Again, I can supply really good training programmes and options for you to meet your needs. Everyone will be a bit different but during the weekly cycle you’ll all need to do some resistance and strength work, some fast and hard stuff e.g. sprints or pads (or both) some longer lighter cardio e.g. walking or swimming.

Here’s 1 example of a weekly training cycle.

  • Monday = weights upper body emphasis
  • Tuesday = rest aiming for 2 hours walking across the day.
  • Wednesday = PADS rounds 8-10 rounds + walking
  • Thursday = Weights upper body emphasis
  • Friday = weights lower body emphasis
  • Saturday = Kettlebell circuit or swim or both if good energy
  • Sunday = 2 hours Thai boxing + rest


 In terms of meal frequency, it’ll depend a lot on your goals and age. As an older athlete, I generally advocate intermittent fasting combined with 1-2 larger meals – potentially with the pre-training Amino + Focus sustain drink. Fasting allows the potential for anti-aging activation of AMPK also larger protein feeds are shown to be more anabolic in older people.

I wrote about meal frequency pretty recently and the article is on the website. If you are younger (under 35) or seeking muscle gain then the little and often is a great approach. This allows more protein and potentially calories also to be ingested as the feeding window is longer. The meals will be smaller 400-600 calories each. Sometimes 350 calories. You can drip feed 20-40 grams of protein in 4-6 meals.

I will supply you with the templates to build your own macro-based recipes, weekly planning hacks including “cooking for the week” a bulletproof guide to save time, money and stay on track.


Involve yourself and don’t be shy. You’ll get way more success from making yourself accountable.


So, it’s a good idea to weigh in most days in the morning and after training. Then once per week, you can do your full measurements of skinfolds – calipers and so on.

If you are shy you can email me your stats and measurements or just pop them in the group.

If you don’t want someone to know your body composition then it’s easy just report your progress e.g. -2 inches. Or + 2kg lean mass.

The point about this process is progress, not perfection.


You’ll know the things which have gotten you into an out-of-shape place or help you get back in shape.

These are ‘big rocks’ cleaning these up will be essential to your 100 day to a hard body success.

Some people it’s biscuits or binge eating. Others it’s booze or munchies. Sometimes both. Some people will be tired, fatigued and not sleeping.

In each case, I’ll help you identify and fox the big rocks along the way.


So, I’ll be pulling out the old Regenerate system and building back the phases within this system these are briefly;

  • Protein synthesis = establishing the muscle building and fat loss template
  • Cell volume = learning how to boost muscle enhancing nutrients and which exercises to get the maximum ‘pump’
  • Sleep + GH = learn to maximise sleep and restore youthful levels of GH release
  • Recovery enhancement = techniques and potions which boost recovery after training, enhance immune function
  • Hormones = boost your T levels to those of a 25-year-old!
  • Brain boosting = learning how to enhance cognition and restore brain function, memory and sharpness
  • Female trainer considerations training around your cycle and avoiding the female athlete triad….


 I know it sounds crazy, but the cost comes in at £19.99 per month. The 1st week is totally free so you can jump in and take a look around today. Like right now… jump in. If you like it and need more support you can stay in as long as you’d like to. 

Plus you’ll get a massive 30% off Amino Man products as part of the group……

Once you’ve gotten to an outstanding ‘hard body’ then you can recommend some friends to join in the next cycle.

To get started, add this item to your basket and we'll be in touch as soon as you check out.



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adelaide Goodeve
Amazing knowledge and community for fat loss and increased performance!

In the last 10 years I've seen numerous nutritionists, either to help recover from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lose weight or increase my sports performance. A friend recommended me to Matt last year and I only wish I found him sooner!

Matt is not only the best nutritionist I've ever worked with, but he's also the most generous and kind with his time and knowledge.

I've been trying to lose weight and increase performance for a few years and Matt's 100 Days To A Harder Body has helped me achieve a dress size I love and understand how to fuel my training (xc-skiing/Ironman training). I'm really excited for the next 100 days and to see what I can acheive under his guidance.

For me, the 100 days community has a brilliant balance between support and accountability, and makes it a very relaxed and fun approach to achieving your muscle/fat /performance goals.

Zita Méhész

100 Days To A Hard(er) Body - 2020 Subscription (use code 100VIP for discount)

Jeff W.
A Real Gem - not to be missed

I can’t even begin to think of the hours of work that must have gone into providing all the resources that are available in this Nutrition and Training Programme. The coverage is immense and the service is absolutely brilliant.

So much information is available to help and assist you in your training, plenty of encouragement too from the other members. Then, of course, there are all the marvellous Amino man products to help you in any areas that need assistance.

Let’s face it, we all get days where we are a bit lethargic and lacking motivation but logging onto the group Facebook page changes that when you read one of Matt’s posts or read about the achievements and exploits of other members.

I had a few pre-existing issues which precluded me from engaging wholeheartedly in the Programme. Notwithstanding my very much reduced physical input, with Matt’s help and guidance, I have reduced my body fat by 1.5%, that may not sound a lot but it equates to 10% reduction in body fat. I am about to up my tempo and going by what has happened so far I am really looking forward to the results.

I truly believe this is exceptional value for money at the full price, the current half-price offer is fabulous. Where else can you get access to a top nutritionist and all these resources for that kind of money?

If you are in any doubt just look at the names of the Ambassadors, or google Matt Lovell = that speaks volumes in its own right.

Caroline Quarmby

Lots of information provided, backed up with scientific studies.
Also impressed with Matt's involvement in the Facebook group. Not only does he share his thoughts, plans and progress but he also responds very quickly to any questions.
Looking forward to getting stuck into the new challenge in the New Year!

An absolute must!

This offers a simple, practical, highly effective solution to the rut that we all, sometimes, get stuck in. Not only does it hive you access to Matt and his extensive knowledge and understanding, but also brings you into a community of like-minded people all on a similar path and the camaraderie within is a very special thing. The exchange of tips, tricks and experience make success even more achievable. An absolute must!

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