100 Days To A Hard(er) Body - 2020 Subscription

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a team and get direct personal coaching for 100 days from Matt.

100 Days to a Hard(er) body is designed for anyone wanting to improve their performance and body composition.

We’ve already been through the 1st 100 day cycle and now we’re opening up spots for the 2nd 100 day cycle starting on the 6th January 2020

What’s involved?

We need committed individuals. We use a Facebook Group as a platform for sharing.

You will be expected to participate and share your results and journey. Shy people can DM me – but I find it’s worth getting your goals, results and desires ‘out there’

Accountability is a key area for success.

What Do You Get?

  • A comprehensive PDF guide of the 4 Week Fat Loss System
  • A fast-track fat loss hacking guide
  • Calorie and macro adjusted meal planners
  • Training plans and routines
  • A step-by-step plan which helps you break down and chip away at your progress
  • A supportive interactive platform for learning and sharing
  • Daily updates 6 days per week
  • The regenerate system™ is built into the programme – for anyone who did this previously this is an easy way to get back into the system

(This is a sports specific, all natural performance enhancing nutrition system).

Amino Man Discount Code For All Members

Basic Membership 

Basic Membership is £119.97 for the 100 day cycle.

This includes everything listed above. The plans will be specific but not tailored to your needs.

This will renew on 6th April 2020 so join now and you'll get early access from today until 5th January 2020 absolutely free! 

When you place your order, Matt will be in touch personally via email to give you more information on your membership. 

Full Membership

Full membership is £299 per month this includes everything above, PLUS:

  • 1 hour consultation per month
  • Matt's personal number to send all meals and workouts to
  • A tailored nutrition plan.

Bloods, DNA and hormones are recommended but not included in these prices.

Contact Matt at matt@aminoman.com to subscribe to this package. 

The Full Monty Package

This includes both packages above plus:

  • All testing services
  • All supplements for 2 x 100 day cycles taking us into the summer.

Contact Matt at matt@aminoman.com for prices on this one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A Real Gem - not to be missed

I can’t even begin to think of the hours of work that must have gone into providing all the resources that are available in this Nutrition and Training Programme. The coverage is immense and the service is absolutely brilliant.

So much information is available to help and assist you in your training, plenty of encouragement too from the other members. Then, of course, there are all the marvellous Amino man products to help you in any areas that need assistance.

Let’s face it, we all get days where we are a bit lethargic and lacking motivation but logging onto the group Facebook page changes that when you read one of Matt’s posts or read about the achievements and exploits of other members.

I had a few pre-existing issues which precluded me from engaging wholeheartedly in the Programme. Notwithstanding my very much reduced physical input, with Matt’s help and guidance, I have reduced my body fat by 1.5%, that may not sound a lot but it equates to 10% reduction in body fat. I am about to up my tempo and going by what has happened so far I am really looking forward to the results.

I truly believe this is exceptional value for money at the full price, the current half-price offer is fabulous. Where else can you get access to a top nutritionist and all these resources for that kind of money?

If you are in any doubt just look at the names of the Ambassadors, or google Matt Lovell = that speaks volumes in its own right.


Lots of information provided, backed up with scientific studies.
Also impressed with Matt's involvement in the Facebook group. Not only does he share his thoughts, plans and progress but he also responds very quickly to any questions.
Looking forward to getting stuck into the new challenge in the New Year!

An absolute must!

This offers a simple, practical, highly effective solution to the rut that we all, sometimes, get stuck in. Not only does it hive you access to Matt and his extensive knowledge and understanding, but also brings you into a community of like-minded people all on a similar path and the camaraderie within is a very special thing. The exchange of tips, tricks and experience make success even more achievable. An absolute must!

Fantastic Resources and Support

Friendly, expert advice from Matt and great support from him and the group to achieve your goals at your own pace, whatever your level of current strength or fitness. I can't rate this highly enough.
If you want to see results and need the help and knowledge to make the changes you're looking for, get on board. You'll not regret it and you might even have fun along the way :wink:

Amazing Value For Money

If you are serious about getting fit and to improve your understanding of how to achieve improved health and wellness through exercise and nutrition. Then this is the programme for you.
Don’t waste time and money on inneffective personal trainers, invest in yourself and become a better you.
Matt who is top of his game as a sports nutritionist will educate, support and guide you through the path to reach your goals.
Join now and be welcomed to the elite group that has the best advice for realising your new year objectives.

  • £119.97
  • £119.97
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