• The Power of Affirmations

    Affirmations are phrases or statements of intent which you can repeat to help you stick to your journey or ‘way of the warrior’Lean people don’t skip workouts. Or lean people workout even when they don’t want to is likely true, turning this into an affirmation would be “I never skip workouts” or ... View Post
  • 20 Years in Elite Sports - Blog 3

    SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE MODELLING Remembering, happy, healthy and horny athletes tend to perform better. Why? Cause this relies on optimal levels of neurotransmitters, steroid hormones, lack of chronic levels of stress hormones, good recovery and good sleeping patterns. Waking up with wood is a good... View Post
  • Over training or Fatigued? Answers and solutions inside.

    Over Training + fatigue Read if you are prone to fatigue or you train hard regularly; I remember discussing whether I was going to train early one morning in camp with Graham Rowntree, England front row legend and now coach with Georgia Rugby who I’m helping prepare for the RWC down in Japan. I... View Post