20 Years in Elite Sports - Blog 3


Remembering, happy, healthy and horny athletes tend to perform better. Why?

Cause this relies on optimal levels of neurotransmitters, steroid hormones, lack of chronic levels of stress hormones, good recovery and good sleeping patterns. Waking up with wood is a good thing.

Let’s look at these areas in turn, bearing in mind the big fundamental controlling mechanisms lurking on the outside of the diagram, including energy balance, insulin AMPK see saw. Inflammation, immune function, brain health including mood state, drive determination and so on. None of the processes work without plan, intention and sufficient energy to persist.

Amino Man Matt Lovell

So, with each area embracing the strap line or answers on the back of a postcard please approach let’s do some solving;

Let’s look at things that govern each area:

  • Balance training with recovery
  • Sleep Properly
  • Nourish yourself
  • Train like a beast until you think you are going to die (disclaimers apply here) e.g. check with GP note Bruce Lee’s great quote in the Amino Man DNA document on the website
  • Use ergogenic supplementation

Stabilise insulin with correct food choices, normalise inflammation through foods and supplementation.


Bear in mind each area will be studied, e.g. testosterone and cortisol salivas, sleep data, number of high-speed runs and drop off / rest periods between efforts, symptom data on digestion and wellness, profile of mood states and neurotransmitter questionnaires. These will guide the interventions and emphasis. All areas need to work well just some areas may need more support than others.

Use Adaptogens and chill the F out, nap – train hard recover harder

CNS Drive

Use neurotransmitter precursors, omega fats and train your brain – develop resilience through mindful practice in your daily rituals - smile

Blood Flow Cardio Vascular
Eat your veggies and use vasodilators

Digestion and absorption
Eat slowly in relaxed environment, take pre and probiotics my 'go to' are Symprove and VSL you'll find them on Amazon

Sex drive
Sleep properly and use adaptogens and natural enhancers

Energy provision e.g. substrate + lactate tolerance
Eat and cycle your macros, eat your veggies, use healthy lactate tolerance nutrients

Immune System
Look after gut, moderate inflammation, correct deficiencies e.g. vitamin D use medicinal mushrooms, zinc lozenges to combat acute infection scenario.

Look after your vessel, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles – body work is vital and maintains vitality. Collagen is the glue which holds the body together. Skin elasticity, and general body bounciness should improve with regular consumption of bone broth and collagen hydrosylate supplements.

Amino Man’s advanced collagen matrix uses aminos studied for their ability to support tissue regenerate and healing alongside the very finest collagen source. We'll be unpacking this in a feature next week, rest assured the massive doses of HMB, glutamine, with cofactor minerals and arginine / citrulline 1:1 makes if a highly effective tissue rebuilding complex.

RELAXED ATHLETES PERFORM BETTER – and relaxed people are nicer to live with, work for and do business with.

This makes behaviour changes in those around you more likely when you choose to be a pain in the arse yourself or shout a little bit.

Relaxed athletes who sleep well (and eat well) will tend to perform better. Here’s a nice picture showing the options for enhancing relaxation state and recovery.


Digging a bit deeper…

A simple pair of callipers used regularly and accurately goes a long, long way towards influencing better food choices.

Body composition, bloods and hormones….
Blood, sweat and tears. Assessing nutrient status.


  • Calipers 20-80% Rule
  • Pareto Principle
  • Strict Body Composition Targets
  • Better diet quality?
  • Less empty calories
  • Less / no booze
  • Encourages Good culture


  • Players may excessively cut calories ahead of testing
  • Accuracy & relevance
  • External practitioner more powerful
  • Manager needs to buy in
  • Context and sensitivity
  • Performance team need to be joined up on reasonable targets for best buy in. I prefer a few methods which you’ll see in the quick start fat loss guide. Photos, circumferences, and bioimpedence help give an overall picture.


A simple device clinically proven to reliably assess carotenoid status in humans.

Carotenoids are important pigments in vegetables, fruits and spices – they also occur in things like krill oil.

The posses anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and auto-phagy regulatory effects. They are also vital for eye health and enhanced visual acuity. Yep that means they can help you see more clearly.

Also means your gran was right. Or your nan, mum dad – the guy at the allotment.

This gives a tool whereby rather than the practitioner saying. You need to eat more vegetables. They can say ‘you really need to eat more vegetables and here’s your score’

So, we can say you are too fat or lean enough. Also, you don’t eat enough vegetables at moment or you eat plenty, well done.

If you come and see me, I’ll run the scanner so you can get a carotenoid evaluation. I’m looking at supporting a few clients in the off-season so if you fancy dropping a stone of fat and toning up give me a buzz matt@aminoman.com

More to follow next week where we'll be looking at blood testing and more fun stuff like that.