Black Friday Offers

A few special offers for this black Friday thing

First of all if you suffer from inflammation you’ll be pleased to know that the metabolic optimiser is marked down from £79.99 to £59.99 and with each pot you can also get a free fish oil.

Put both in your cart and the fish oil discounts on point of sale.

The metabolic optimiser is 270 capsules per pot and contains all natural anti-inflammatory herbs and supporting nutrients. I’ve spoken about it before.

Each daily serving contains 1000mg quercitin, 750mg green tea, 750mg ginger, 500mg milk thistle, 500mg curcumin, 500mg berberine, 500mg boswellia, 500mg cocoa extract and 300mg of combined potent inflammation supporting herbs, fruits and oregano oil extracts.

If you are active and want to enhance recovery or if you are currently carrying a niggle or injury then this combination is key.

Injury chapter link

The Revive in 5 boxes are on BOGOF

These contain 5 servings of R5s, 5 servings of metabolic optimiser, fish oils and multi vitamins. 5 Focus sustain sachets and 5 Pre-workout Metabolic Amino Complex.

Really handy and portable way to experience the range.

You have to put 2 boxes in your cart then put REVIVE in the discount box. Then one of them magically becomes free!

They are already discounted so I’m guessing this makes them a black Friday super special

With these I’ve also written a full meal and training guide which I can email to you after you’ve purchased. This details how to use the products, what to eat and then some training programmes.

The final bit of goodness is if you purchase a pot of Immune power (great for winter sniffles) then also purchase something else. Add BOGO into the special code box then it takes off 50% of your lowest cost or second item.

That’s 50% off anything else you purchase when you buy an Immune boosting, super berry and medicinal mushroom blend. Oh and it’s all 100% fully organic selected berry and mushroom sources.

So put 2 items in the cart (one needs to be immune power) add BOGO and it’s 50% off.

In case you like to read about nutrition here’s the breakdown of the immune power so you can see the rational behind the ingredient selection. 

As with all these formulas the final specification has arisen from years of field testing makers and outcomes in individuals and elite teams;