Help! I'm addicted to carbs!

Hi guys, hope you are all well.

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I need some advice, please!

My biggest weakness when it comes to food is Carbs!!! So bread, crisps and pastries are my kryptonite and it’s very hard to resist when kids eat them regularly in the house!! What can I do to resist that temptation when I currently want to shed body fat and get lean??? Thanks!

This is a really good question. I'm sure many people, in fact I know many people struggle with similar cravings. Here's a few things you can do: Eat the carbs, don't worry about them - just track them using MyFitnessPal or the like and make sure you keep a deficit via other means to allow room for these calories and still burn body fat. One way to do this is by intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. Skip a meal. Carbs are not the enemy, nor crisps, nor any food or group for that matter – as long as you maintain a deficit and eat sufficient protein and vegetables to help you do so then you can have the odd snack here and there and still make excellent progress.

WEEKEND WARRIOR + TREAT DAYS APPROACH Crisps-wise you can have a no crisps Mon/Sun to Thursday rule. Same idea with booze.

ALL OR NOTHING? Or you could say no crisps for me thanks. Sometimes for some people you might need to go cold turkey around a problem, addictive food or habit. Could be giving up fast food as well for example.

5 LITRES OF REFINED LONG-LIFE VEGETABLE OIL A YEAR? NO THANKS It's kind of a scary stat. 1 pack of crisps per day = 5 litres of vegetable oil per year for your kids.... So healthy alternatives. 80% of the time. Chopped veggies and humus is really delicious.

HUNGER WINS – HOW TO CURB CRAVINGS Cravings are stronger when you don't eat enough protein or fibre. So, eating a chicken breast at 5pm (before kids supper) will take the edge off munchies. This is a regular piece of advice for clients on their way home too. It prevents that snack madness and poor food choice temptation on entering the home environment. Protein and fibre are the two most filling or satiating food groups, eating more vegetables is a great way to feel full, get tons of valuable nutrients and curb cravings for less nutrient-dense and higher energy-dense foods.

SKILL VS WILL – SOMEONE’S GOING TO EAT THAT Another idea is to replace some of these choices, with lower calorie choices as mentioned above. A certain fact is, if it's in your kitchen, someone will end up eating it. Use your skill power to surround yourself with healthier alternatives rather than will power to resist as its easer this way.

IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO? Keeping your vision and goals in mind is also critical. What would a lean person do? Probably only eat the crisps on a treat day? Or not at all. Finally, if you wish you can use supplements to reduce cravings. My blog on addiction talks about things that calm the brain and reduce addictive tendencies. My R5 Aminos have several aminos for this purpose. Fish oils are also excellent for this purpose. As well as anything which increases serotonin.

Good luck! Matt