It's Bug Season! - How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

This time of the year is classic for picking up a little bug. The kids go back to school and breed germs, they bring them home and infect the adults and then the adults spread them on the tube and at work or in the supermarket.

It’s when everyone gets closer together these bugs seem to spread. It’s less about the cold more about proximity. In temperate regions where the temperature stays the same the bugs start getting a grip in the rainy season, because people gather to stay dry rather than spread apart outside.

A few things I explain to client, teams and athlete when talking about immune system and its impact on training and performance;

1. For training, when you get ill – normally it takes 5-7 days. Viruses take around this long to multiply and get hold of the system. During this time you don’t feel right and you can’t push on as normal…

2. Then you are ill for 5-7 days. Anti-bodies take about this long to develop and learn the invaders ‘code’ before defeating it.

3. Then you are getting back on track for 5-7 days. Before you are back to your normal capacity.

So, one URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) or flu can scupper 3 weeks training.


That’s why you need to take preventative action to support immune system. Please download this guide (for free). I’ve included the guide at the end of this email also to save you having to download it…

In terms of powerful actions for immune function the 3 most important ones I’ve found are;

  1. Washing hands and quarantine ill people away from the group (hard to do with your kids, team or work mates or wife) ha ha!
  2. Take vitamin D during the winter. This habit seems to keep people from 3 bad colds or flu per year (if deficient) to less than 1.
  3. Use mushroom extracts and berries to support immune function. Immune Power; You can order here.

At the onset of feeling run down or illness, I would take a 2-4 servings of an immune power made by an American company across a day. The trouble was the company discontinued it… So, I made my own.

Why I developed the drink? Honestly. It was because the mushroom and berry blend drink I’d been using for years went out of production. I had to fill the gap because I couldn’t have my guys getting ill and not performing at their maximum.

Including that in teams and athlete programmes had virtually eradicated URTI’s. We tracked them with the medical teams and after including our immune protocols and immune drinks, it went to virtually zero from a real issue, losing players to illness can obviously cost you games, matches and the premiership if you are not careful.

Losing key members of staff can have the same impact in the corporate space and if you work for yourself, no show for work = no pay. This week we had to take a day off to look after the kids… it’s harder to get kids to take some of these powders.

So, I developed Immune Power… plus a special immune bundle also. The bundle includes vitamin D, immune power, immune spices, omega 3 and metabolic optimiser…buy the bundle here

How did I formulate the new drink?.... So, I looked at the (old) drink composition, the active ingredients of my old favourite and I then doubled the actives and enhanced the whole spec, however I kept it at the same price and put in additional items I was having to add manually from other powders (vitamin C and zinc).

So now you have it. Double the sized serving, double the sized tub. Same price. Plus, there’s some extra discounts available below;


We have a special immune bundle sorted for you for this winter. We've included; Immune Power (which you can buy alone above) also vitamin D/K2 complex, the Metabolic Optimiser, some immune boosting spices (free) and a pot of fish oils (also free) then we discounted the other items by 20% for you. The whole bundle retails at £207.47 and is now only £124.47. Below is some great tips and tricks from the top to help you support your immune function this year. The bundle can be purchased here.

Personally, I’m now suffering from an average of max 1 cold per season rather than the 3-4 I used to have before then (people who know me a long time can verify that). Quite often I feel a little run down, or the kids get sick and then I know I’ve got to step up my own immune protocols for a few days while we’re in the red zone. I do the same with travel and after I’ve been in groups of people I’ve not seen for a while or going into clubs or camps.

So go ahead and grab yourself a pot. You can also get the full immune bundle here. Which to be honest is a bit of a bargain.

Oh, and one last thing, if your immune system is strong you repair faster. Similar system. If it’s compromised, you repair slower we have a finite capacity to build new proteins. Any immune enhancing protocol can also support training recovery and adaptations. Similarly, immune compromise from low grade intolerance or an infection will compromise performance.

A strong functioning immune system is a key part of our first phase of resistance and adaptations to stress.

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Below is an extract from my immune module on my sports nutrition course – enjoy!

o Think of immune protection in 3 stages;
o Prevention
o System support
o Recovery when ill
o What can I do to avoid getting ill and recover quickly if I get ill?

o Balance training with recovery – don’t go over drawn
o Nutritional Recovery is key to enhancing the immune response
o Recover Aggressively and appropriately after each exercise session
o Use Antioxidants as part of your recovery strategy when you feel you may be immune compromised
o Add a scoop of immune power to your recovery shake
o Always take a recovery shake after each session

o Basic hygiene
o Wash hands regularly
o Avoid ill people
o Avoid places where many hands meet
o Avoid dehydration
o Never share glasses or drinks bottles
o Immunity is lowered after intensive exercise
o Pay particular attention to post training immune support during winter months
o Maintain constant temperature
o Avoid frequent fluctuations in temperature

o Exercise induced stress and mental stress are the same to the body
o Avoid becoming stressed out unnecessarily
o Use stress management techniques like meditation and visualisation to help combat mental stress
o If you are not sleeping well seek help, there are many natural remedies which help proper sleeping patterns e.g. R5 aminos

o Higher tissue turnover
o Higher requirement for nutrients
o Modern food is low in essential nutrients
o Deficiency or suboptimal nutrient status in essential nutrients e.g. vitamin D and zinc
o Eat organic where possible
o Avoid anti-nutrients, see list below
o Avoid empty calories, see list below

o All refined foods
o Sugar (except post training)
o Excess Caffeine
o Alcohol
o Cakes, biscuits and pastries
o Crisps and confectionary
o Soda Pop
o Refined Wheat
o Chips
o Fast and junk foods
o Snack a jacks
o Doughnuts
o Sugary Breakfast cereals
o All chemically assisted foods

o Eat vegetables or fruit each time you eat
o Choose veggies or fruit which are high in antioxidants
o Choose organic whenever possible
o When it’s not possible then wash all veggies and fruit thoroughly – then go and buy some organic ones – look at dirty dozen and clean 15 list on

o Excess wheat and refined wheat suppresses immunity in sensitive individuals
o Excess dairy may cause excess mucous production
o If you are constantly ill then food intolerance can be a cause

o Avoid Wheat and food intolerances
o Choose non wheat based unrefined cereals
o Choose wheat free pastas and breads
o Use different grains like quinoa, wholegrain rice or buckwheat

o Chicken Soup is a proven immune boosting recipe
o Thai Tom yum soup has additional immune and recovery benefits
o Both of these will help recovery from injury and immune support


All herbs and spices may help immunity, inflammation and health use the following regularly;
o Turmeric
o Garlic
o Ginger and Thai ginger
o Lemon grass
o Coriander
o Chilli's
o Coconut Milk
o Cumin
o All spice
o Cinnamon
o Lemon
o Try out our immune boosting ready mix, organic spice mix here

o Make sure you are eating lightly according to the basic principles
o Use immune power 1-4 times per day
o Increase your intake of vitamin C from food and supplements
o Drink Cat’s Claw tea and add ginger and lemon
o If you have a cold then take a dessert spoonful of Sambucol 4 x per day
o Use Manuka honey in detox tea to clear mucous and support immunity
o Increase use of bovine colostrum

• Use the immune supplements provided to support your immunity
• Chinese Green Tea may have specific additional immune boosting properties
• Manuka honey also has immune supportive properties

• Hot lemon, ginger and honey; use 1 teaspoon manuka honey, ½ lemon and 1 teaspoon or powdered or fresh ginger, add our immune spice mixes to this
• Use tom yum soup paste to make soup and drink this regularly
• Add shitake and other mushrooms to recipes regularly – using the immune power formula
• Eat fresh lightly cooked vegetables regularly
• Eat vitamin C rich fruits regularly, lemon and kiwi are excellent

Thanks for reading and please share with anyone you know who would benefit.