My favourite daily supplement: Why you should be taking Co Q 10

One of my favourite daily supplements is Co Q 10 which you can find in my new Nootropic Booster Packs coming out very soon.

Here's a deep dive into its effects and benefits.

What is Co Q 10?

This oil-soluble, vitamin-like substance is present in most cells, primarily in the mitochondria. It is a component of the electron transport chain and participates in aerobic cellular respiration, generating energy in the form of ATP. 95% of the human body’s energy is generated this way. Therefore, those organs with the highest energy requirements—such as the heart, liver and kidney—have the highest CoQ10 concentrations.

CoQ 10 has therapeutic benefits for heart patients and those using medication that has been shown to lower COQ 10 levels (statins).

What are the potential benefits?

There are two recent studies in athletes showing Ubiquinol to have a positive effect on both peak power and also aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance. Used acutely in a 14-day loading protocol.

Another test showed no benefits for athletes or oxidative stress.

Additional benefits have been seen for heart patients, migraine sufferers, high blood pressure and general energy/wellness effects have been anecdotally observed.
It lowers the oxidation of LDL. It may also play a role in Parkinson’s disease prevention and management.

Any potential adverse effects?

COQ 10 is an anti-oxidant that helps to recycle vitamin E preventing lipid and protein oxidation. Care should be taken in terms of adaptation as there may be some interaction with vitamin E’s inhibitory effects on adaptation.

One study showed reduced muscle soreness following exercise. There may be a rebound effect on the body's own production of COQ 10 but no studies support this.

The observed safe level has been suggested at 1200mg daily although no adverse effects were seen in dosages of 3600mg daily. The effective dosages for athletes appear to be 200-300mg daily.

Summary and recommendations:

I've found Co Q 10 highly effective for performance day, match day or fight night. I routinely use 200mg year-round plus up to 600mg before harder training sessions.

Given its low toxicity profile and short-term loading dose, it should be considered as part of a performance-enhancing strategy ahead of tournament time in certain individuals or as a squad-wide intervention.

Use is suggested at 200-300mg daily taken each day for a 2-week period.

Alternatively, some benefits may be gained from using 200, 300 and then 400mg on match day for a shorter loading and higher peak dose.

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