Immune boosting

  • Dune, Grapefruits and Metabolic Syndrome

    What if you could wear a suit which would make your body fluids completely recyclable?

    Maybe only allowing a thimbleful of liquid to be lost each day?

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  • 20 Years in Elite Sports - Blog 3

    SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE MODELLING Remembering, happy, healthy and horny athletes tend to perform better. Why? Cause this relies on optimal levels of neurotransmitters, steroid hormones, lack of chronic levels of stress hormones, good recovery and good sleeping patterns. Waking up with wood is a good... View Post
  • Immune Function and Boosting

      This time of the year is classic for picking up a little bug. The kids go back to school and breed germs, they bring them home and infect the adults and then the adults spread them on the tube and at work or in the supermarket.   It’s when everyone gets closer together these bug... View Post