Goals Fading? Here's what you can do.

Inside this blog – main take home messages;

  • You are only ever one workout or meal from getting back on track
  • Listen to the bad man inside but don’t let him take over
  • Reward the small wins
  • Progress not perfection is key
  • Enjoy the process
  • Will power beats skill power
  • Remove something – you gotta replace it with something else
  • Fibre rocks eat loads
  • Inflammation messes with your hunger hormones – quash it and reap the benefits
  • I think I cooked God’s own stew – recipe below Odin would be proud of me
  • Don’t be scarred to ask for help – sometimes we need a helping hand
  • Need some inspiration – there’s 10 + workouts at the end of the article


How do we pick ourselves up and begin to resume these and make sure they stick?
Well one of the keys to success lies in the 1stsentence listed above. The best thing to think about in terms of goals is not whether they succeed or fail – rather just that if you re mostly moving in the right direction.
An example is with political parties. None of them win with a 100% majority. Goals are the same. You don’t need 100% success. You just need more things moving in the right direction rather than the wrong direction.
Which brings me onto my next point.
“You are only ever one workout or one meal from getting yourself back on track”
Trying to give up booze and sank 4 stellas and a bottle of wine last night?
Don’t worry about it. Hydrate, sweat out the poison, reaffirm your goals. Are they realistic?
Reward yourself mentally for reducing or at least trying. Get in some alcohol-free beers and some nice soft drinks (if you remove you gotta replace). Start back over.
Reward the small wins – ask yourself about the feelings and identify associated with the habits you want to change. You don’t want to be Mr pissed all the time, or Mr binge eating the biscuits. You wanna be Mr ripped and happy right?
Sometimes the bad man inside is the one who will jeopardise or scupper your new intentions. Acknowledge these feelings, placate the craving brain with some non-food and booze reward systems. Pop all the cash you’d have spent on these things into a little kitty – get a nice facial or massage. 
Make it easier. Remove the temptations – clear the cupboard of the bad stuff. Get in the good stuff. This is known as using skill power over will power. As you know the brain always wins, so removing immediate and easy temptations places a conscious effort in the habit chain. 
For example, you’d have to go to the shop to fulfil the urge. This gives you a chance to reflect. Do you really want to be the person who continues to follow the old habits? What would the new person say?
Fast forward to 5 years, 10 years and 20 years time. What will be the outcome if you continue in your current behaviours? What will be the benefits at each stage if you stick to a new way of life (more than the old way of life). Write these all down. Visualise each scenario and situation panning out.
Lacking the emotional power to change? Too tired – you can read the articles on fatigue on the website. There’s a quick hack to this invest in some focus formula.This is my ‘get shit done powder’. If this is too expensive then you can grab a bag of tyrosine. I don’t make this at moment – you can get it off a bulk powder supplier. It’s the poor mans ‘get shit done’ powder. Take 5-10 grams on an empty stomach 1stthing. Drop me a line let me know how much you get done. You can of course stack it with the focus formula sachets.
Appetite and craving is a key player in all of this of course. We’re programmed to seek out calories. The 2 key things which regulate appetite are protein and fibre. Eat enough of these and you should not feel too physically hungry. Of course, emotional hunger can remain but there will be other underlying reasons for this. Those you will need to address through mindful reflection or speaking to someone.
Taking serotonin pre-cursors before a time of craving pre-empts the craving brains irrational leadership. Skill over will. The Brain will be flooded with tons of feel good chemicals. Add some exercise into the mix and the heady blend of endorphins and serotonin followed by a ginger cordial – you really don’t need a bottle of red.
Your mind, memory, sleep, body composition and relationships will reward you in the years to come.
Bored? Good. It’s good to be bored sometimes. Suck it up. Be stoic. You can’t always get what you want. Read a book, go for a run, drink some water, plan the next weeks training, work and ‘me time’.
Fibre is key;
Pre-biotic fibre like inulin is clinically proven to assist weight loss. Konjack also is a great soluble fibre which positively impact weight.Both of these are included in the Alpha Greens.
There’s also a big serving of kelp in the Alpha Greens – this packs a good dose of iodine an essential trace mineral for growth, thyroid hormone production and metabolism. The Alpha greens is still 25% off at moment.
By the way a low carb diet – should be a high fibre diet. Why? Cause you get all your carbs from vegetables that’s why. Lower carb is healthier as long as you eat your veggies! Amino Man HQ has always advocated a 3:1 or 4:1 veggies to protein ratio by weight.
There’s another deeper reason for hunger regulation not being properly regulated it has to do with brain inflammation and this reduces the sensitivity to hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin. In short if you have excessive inflammation your brain continues to feel hungry and your fat cells don’t get the right signals to give up their energy. Make sure this is not the case by eating an anti-inflammatory diet and taking the right kind of supplements.
You can help this with the use of fish oils and anti-inflammatory herbs like curcumin. My metabolic optimiser is a highly effective anti-inflammatory mix. If you don’t feel an improvement, then send me the leftovers and I’ll refund you and use the rest myself.
Making sure you have the right things to eat for the week is also a great key stone habit – the cooking for the week guide if you’ve not read it yet is a simple guide, full of delicious recipes. The food will be there, no need for Uber eats…..
You can look through the cooking for the week guide here. If you want to remind yourself about the goal setting piece re-read it here.
Finally, I’d like to share an awesome recipe with you. I think I hit the essence of stew – maybe even the pure zen.
Here’s what you need 2kg of wild game, 3 tins tomatoes, 5 carrots, 1 whole garlic bulb, 8-10 shallots, 6 red onions, large handful of thyme, chicken stock, juniper berries, seasoning, 8 bay leaves, 2 large mild chilis, ½ bottle of organic red wine – other herbs if you like them. Oh and a few left-over potatoes.
I added a good serving of organic BBQ spice mix.We’ll send you a free set of spices if you get to bronze on our new loyalty scheme. It’s not too tricky cause we’re literally giving points away when you sign up. All existing sign ups I’ll be adding these rewards manually before the end of this month.
Here’s how I cooked it.
Roast of the meat in a tray of chicken juice for 20-25 mins to seal it (holds in the juices). The chicken was cooked in lemons and rosemary. Chop everything else and sauté – adding in the stock and wine. Add in all the meat and the juices. Pop in slow pressure cooker for 24 hours. Yum. I used an electronic cooker cause if safer to leave on.
Don’t know if it was the mixed wild game or just the mix of fantastic ingredients combined with the length of time cooked but this nailed it. Enjoy.
If you are really struggling with sticking to new goals, it’s important to involve some of your nearest or dearest. Friends and colleagues or professional help is sometimes needed. Don’t be shy reach out. 
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You can message me about the best way to use Amino Man and other products I don’t make to maximise your fat burning and gains in the gym. matt@aminoman.com