Maintaining High Quality Behaviours

In this article

• Maintaining attention to detail
• Lombardi time
• An hour pod cast looking at energy systems and enhancing performance
• Kettle Bell Madness a routine which create robust, battle hardened individuals – try it!
• A new book which is excellent

Back in the day this was about maintaining world class behaviours in International teams competing in international events. I’m never sure we got to World Class, but we sure tried.

It was enough in any case to win the 2003 rugby world cup and almost win the 2007 rugby world cup.

Aiming to perform and deliver at the top of your game requires attention to detail. This is easier and more natural to some people than others.

The attention to the smaller details was called ‘small percenters’ later, in cycling, this had been termed marginal gains, everything you can think about which might help performance a little bit… take a look at it and then do it.

Could be the right pillow or bed cover… obviously the right nutrition and supplementation.

One of the areas trained was vision and periphery vision, Bruce Lee was onto this in his basic training manual, so essential for any competitive sport and you can train it.

In football we talk about creating 24 hour professionals. I think if you think you are there then you are probably dead in the water. I’d be the last person to consider behaviours to be world class, there’s always room for improvement and new things to be learnt.

All we can all do is strive towards progression, not perfection, but find every little way we can improve as individuals to become better supporting influencers on the people we are lucky enough to help out.

In terms of supplementation striving for perfection includes the highest quality pharma grade ingredients, ISO approved manufacturing, using screened ingredients and then double screening them.

A more recent phrase I heard was;

Be a pro.

In any situation you are in, ask yourself – how would a pro deal with this? Am I being a pro? Relationships, customer service, follow up reports, training sessions, meal prep etc. Am I approaching my diet, preparation and supplementation like a pro?

Is everything you do the best it can be?

So, go ahead, be a pro today. Do something small a little bit better. Amino Man of course is here to help you be a pro…. ;)

One of the great pioneers of this approach in elite sports was Vince Lombardi you can read about how his thoughts on keeping people being number 1 here.

If you like visual representation this you tube clip is also great and quick to look at and listen to.

Of course, being a pro is really difficult if not impossible if you lack in energy. I’ll be focusing on energy building habits in the next couple of newsletters, if you need more mental energy and focus there’s a new offer on the focus formula sustain below…..

We used to keep Lombardi time – being 10 minutes early for all meetings, something I try to maintain to this day. I’ve mentioned before when things slip and mistakes are made it’s normally because I’ve forgotten 1 of my P’s. Preparation, precision, punctuality or politeness.

I hate in when that happens. Some of these attitudes and principles tie back into the ‘Things I learned as a builders labourer’ article. Worth another read as it ties into elite sports approaches.

I was chatting kettle bell competitions with my mate Stu – this is a good listen if you train hard at any sports. I love KB’s there’s a routine at the end of this blog you can try it, it’s as hard as you make it but a great all round conditioning workout.

I’ve also been reading my pal David Higgin’s new book he’s the dude who got Hugh Jackman ripped for Wolverine. It’s a great read actually. Worth purchasing – the core and postural stuff often overlooked in many routines, he’s also got a ton of delicious recipes in the book I’ll be trying out very soon. There’s no affiatezzzz – just recommending cause it’s good.

Here’s the routine. I call it Kettle Bell Madness;

Kettle Bell Madness – do an ab exercise in between each exercise
Shoulder and Legs Emphasis
Do 10 Reps of each exercise on each side. Pick a weight which you fail at reps 8/9 then build up to 10 before increasing the weight the next time you do this.

Ab exercising in between can be, leg raises, chins (I know it’s a back exercise but is cians the abs). Side leg raises with ankle weights or single legged stiff legged deadlifts.

  • Sling Shot
  • Halo
  • Good morning
  • Single arm deadlift
  • Single legged deadlift
  • Double arm swing
  • Single arm swing
  • Goblet squat
  • Racked squat
  • Reverse racked lunge
  • Bob and weave
  • Two handed squat and press
  • Sit up and press
  • Alternate swing
  • Single arm row
  • TGU’s
  • Thruster single arm squat push press
  • Reverse lunge and press
  • Cleans
  • Clean and Press
  • Side lunge
  • Lunge with rotation
  • Kneeling press (split lunge press)
  • Windmill
  • Renegade row
  • Bottom up press
  • Pistol squats
  • Over head squat – single arm locked out
  • Straight arm sit up
  • High Pull
  • Bottom up clean
  • Snatch
  • Deck squat