Simple ways to keep your spirits up

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to share a few simple ways to keep your spirits up, lower stress and improve anxiety – no supplements or mindfulness in this newsletter. 

Magnesium Baths

magnesium is so good for humans on many levels. A great way to take it is via a bath, an Epsom Salt bath. My best place to get these is – although amazon does plenty of magnesium sulphate powders. You need about 400-500g so a full pint or protein shaker almost full. Pour into a nice hot bath and soak for 20-25 minutes.

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Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil...this stuff is strong. It helps you sleep. It helps you stay chilled and it lower stress and anxiety. A generous sprinkle on your pillow at night and boom – lights out baby.

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Wish other people well

Write a list of a few people who you can ring up, zoom or skype etc. Wish them well and big them up.

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Watch a funny cat video and eat some dark chocolate.

Listen to some bird songs

Declutter something, look after yourself…. Spruce up your morning routine, have a shave – stick on something smart and pop some scent on…

Have some marmite on toast and a good cup of coffee.

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Proven ways to improve your mood

Keep your pecker up people! X

If you are interested in coaching then drop me a line. This is a good time to get a helping hand 

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