• Enhancing running performance through the use of supplementation

    When making athletes, fitter, faster and stronger there is always a level to go to after you’ve covered the basics properly. Basics include but are not limited to; fitness, optimal body composition, quality diet and nourishment, energy availability and hydration. This blog is not about these essentials, it’s about digging a bit deeper and supporting your nervous system and using other ergogenics (natural performance enhancers). View Post
  • Everything you need to know to lose fat fast and keep it off for ever

    Many of you have been contacting me recently for guidance on fat loss, and will want to get started as soon as possible.  So, here is our ‘quick start’ guide, based on our popular and well-established Four-Week Fat Loss programme.

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  • Mindfully eating less - losing weight without thinking about it.

    Given the recent drive from the Government to get people to eat less and eat better I thought I’d talk through a few ideas which can lower the amount of food you tend to eat without even thinking about it. View Post